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2017 May

2017.05.06 M21青協網台:
《綠色企業大追蹤》第4集 - 青年創業 咖啡渣 / 廚餘回收環保社企

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2017 April


2017.04.01 香港經濟日報:環保魔術師 將垃圾變寶


2017.04.26 TVBS News:全球2017競爭力香港第九 年輕人拚


2017 January

2017.01.11 蘋果日報果籽
【回歸自然】澱粉製「無膠」袋 180日內無毒分解


2016 December

Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups

Youth Hong Kong (Vol. 8; No. 4) - Coffee Break


2016 November


蘋果日報果籽:【多膠餘】打工仔三餐勁用膠 實試買外賣「走塑」

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2016 May

2016.05.27 U Magazine #548:Solar Power Ignites Life


2016 April

2016.04.22 HK01: 廚餘回收 立在環保與利潤間

2016 March


2016.03.03 HKFYG Youth Matters #328

First ever youth-initiated CoCreators Impact Day: Zero Food Waste


2016.03.09 Hong Kong Economic Times

       【攻關女子】真 • 識食之人


2016.03.18 Metro Daily

Greenopreneur Converts Food Waste to Coffee Grounds Soap

2016.03.19 Apple Daily

【Saturday Event Highlight】Green Market at CoCreators Impact Day: Zero Food Waste


2016.03.19 Big Waster 

Being featured at the green market of the event "CoCreators Impact Day: Zero Food Waste" for Eco-Greenergy coffee grounds soap

{環保市集@觀塘}今日陪家姐去左由「青協」攪嘅零剩食密語,識左幾位好有心推動環保嘅哥哥姐姐: 有推廣環保食物袋嘅Samantha; 用咖啡渣做番梘嘅Peann; 用豆腐渣做貓沙嘅Pirry;同埋推廣魚菜共生嘅Miko! 市集好熱鬧,今晚仲有環保電影添! #ecowrap #ecogreenergy #woodlab #reconnect #香港青年協會

Posted by 大嘥鬼 Big Waster on Saturday, 19 March 2016

2015 December


2015.12.01 Mingpao

Founding Social Enterprise for Environmental Protection

by Fully Utilizing Food Waste


2015.12.01 Wen Wei Po 

IT Talent Converts Food Waste to Fertilizer

Break-even Several Months Ago & Won HKD50K from HKFYG


2015.12.14 Orange News

Catching Young Bosses at Market


2015 November

20151123 Weekend Weekly: Eco-Greenergy Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign


Weekend Weekly #846 Zero Grounds

This magazine article introduces the Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign kicked off on 28 October 2015 and different usage of coffee grounds.



FACE #1244 Food Waste Recycling is a Business Opportunity

This magazine article introduces the story of Eco-Greenergy, the entrepreneurial path of the founders, the Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign and Coffee NEXT products.

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2015 October


2015.10.19 HKFYG Youth Matters #319

Social Innovation Challenge pitching winners at the Federation's centre